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Luma Smile Teeth Whitening Kit
Luma Smile is a highly preferred product from Europe.
For the most beautiful smiles, try Luma Smile. Don’t keep yourself laughing.
Teeth Whitening rubber with rotatable head design provides easy cleaning on the teeth.
The Luma Smile Teeth Whitening Kit provides comfortable use with its special titled micronized brush.
Luma Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Usage:
Remove the metal grip handle by turning the blue cap to the Luma Smile. Place 2 pen batteries + poles up. Reattach the Luma Smile Head to the metal handle. Press the clip on the back of the blue cap and allow it to come into contact with the metal handle. When the clip comes into contact with the metal, the scrub tip will begin to rotate. You can use the product safely by driving a small amount of macur to the white scrub tip. It is recommended to apply circular movements by pressing the device lightly and gently in 1-2 minutes. Wash and dry the scrub tip after use. Luma Smile It is recommended to change the scrub heads once a month.
No side effects were observed. Should not be used in any side effects and consult a doctor.
Use in accordance with the instructions for use.
Luma Smile Box Content:
1 x Luma Smile 1x Smart title
5 x Replacement scrub tip
Luma Smile Teeth Whitening 2 pcs AA battery. (Batteries are not included in the package.)
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